Photo by John Bilderback

Kite version of my “PEARL” surfboard model. Streamlined outline, wide point on center, heavy concaves, tail rocker and V make for a fast responsive kiteboard. The tail pulls in to a tight thumbnail which handles speed and wont skip out when you are fully LIT! I designed this board after kiting a double overhead day with 30 knots of wind. I wanted a board that could tear it up while handling all the extra speed and power from the kite. This board surfs insane and will also catch as much air as you can…strapped or strapless.

5’8″ 18 3/8″  2 1/8″ , Custom sizes available

retail: $899 with stock spray.  inserts + $100.  fins not provided

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  1. Jake says:

    Dear LS, SOS LS There’s less wind in Pismo. Hey, got us wondering Maui RATC crew here. What do you think ahhhhhh you let some Maui rippers steal a good price. You know it’s gonna get past around. See you at the races!

    Believeit Ornot

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