The “BEE STING”. One of my favorite in the waves. I put a stinger notch just behind the side fins and then a round tail. I did this to prevent slippage while speed tracking, but as a result it is sooo loose when surfing waves. Same bottom and design features as the other kiteboards, just the tail is different. I cant say enough about this board, it RIPS! Strapped or strapless…

as shown: 5’8″ 18 1/2″ 21/8″ *5 boxes upon request

retail: $899 with stock spray, inserts +$100, fins not provided with base cost.

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  1. jake says:

    I found you somewhere on the web. I would never buy a “brand name board” knowing that I can get this one instead!! GREAT WORK!!! I own a kite school in the florida keys and I also teach in Michigan in the summer. I carry Liquid Force gear but have a huge need for surf boards. Our wave size in MI is usually 6 to 8 on a 20knt day. a lot of 30 plus days in spring and fall with overhead conditions. I am 6’6 and 250lbs so I will need a Larger board. do you epoxy? I have cracked boards in half on jumps with my weight

    • Jake, thanks for the inquiry. Right now i am sticking with traditional P.U. boards as we are a small operation here. I have had good results with P.U. nonetheless…I use US Blanks green foam with a 3/16″ stringer and beef up the glass for strapless boards, and US Blanks Classic foam for the strapped. One of the local guys here has a 5’11” 18 1/2″ 23/8″ kite rocket and he matches your weight but only 6’2″ so far he is very happy and board is still in one piece. did a 6/4 bottom with 6/4/4 deck came in weighing right around 7lbs. I’ve seen epoxy boards break so it really comes down to construction. All my boards are handshaped wich keeps the blank stronger. Check 2013 buyers guide @ to see full interview and lots of details…..cheers. Gabriel Loyd

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