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  1. Jake says:

    Hey Hey Loyd Surfboards! Maui rider and kiteboard instructor. 5’5″ 145 lbs on a 5’5″ Trespass. Nice kine shape The Pearl. How much will the stripped-down no-frills model cost me to arrive here on the island? Aloha

    • Jake says:

      Kite Pearl


    • Jake, thanks for the interest. price depends on strapped or strapless. strapped boards are built much stronger, take longer and cost more depending on pads straps types of fins etc. strapless cost less, less labor materials and add-ons. strapless start at $600 for painted board basic fins. If no paint would be a little less but then its a white board, no pop. If you want to talk details, give me a call 805 441 5103 and we can hash it out…..loyd

  2. Kitesurfing says:

    Hey! Nice boards you have! I saw a video on vimeo were you made your boards and decided to write about your brand on my blog
    I hope you´re cool with that =)

    • no worries, thanks for watching

      • zane says:

        homes ! Just done the super crease like the san andres doing a massive floater at Laceys lane landed it and i felt the board flex under the feet . took me a couple minute to find the crease as it is all bent up like the rockies on th deck .So i haven’t snapped one let .DAMN ! so i will be looking fo two cali rocket quads one 6″7 and the other 6’0 ready for cyclone season and G-land and dropping in on jake ,PS ihave a nice wall hanging .and arron needs to do a pin stripe web on the boards homes.

  3. zane says:

    dude.can not see any cali rocket quad fins in the latest skully collection .going to Australia.Bring it on .PS dont forget skullies pin stripping ,double ps ps fantastic work bra

  4. John Robinson says:

    Hi Loyd, been talking to james Roper by email back here in the “Highlands of Scotland” and loved your kites surfboards he is riding. Would love to purchase 1 for kitesurfing here at home
    Wicked website
    best regards
    John robinson

  5. Loyd Coats says:

    I saw your boards in Pismo Beach. Since my first name is Loyd. Would it be possible for you to send me a decal? I have been surfing for over 40 years.



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