I started “Loyd Surfboards” in 2004 after working on and building boats for 8 years.  My Dad Aaron Loyd has been shaping since the late 60’s and I basically grew up in a surfboard factory for most of my early life.  He got out of board building and started focusing on photography by the time I was 10, but still continued making me boards until I made my own in 2004.  I just knew that I had to learn the trade from him before it got lost forever…so I quit boats and started my surfboard company.  Now I have created a very nice line of surfboards and kiteboards.  I handshape, spray, glass and sand all of my boards (although Pops helps me out occasionally)  and maintain a very high quality standard.  I have tested my boards around the world and am soooo stoked on how they work and hold up.  The kiteboards have come into the picture in the last couple years, as now I am addicted to kitesurfing as well.  I tweak a few elements of design for kiteboards and build them more durable to handle big air and hours of riding.  My factory is 3 minutes from oceano beach which is a great testing ground for kiteboards with spring winds into the 30’s and solid swells.  I am proud to keep the  custom boardbuilding tradition alive in my family and I hope you enjoy the site and what we are all about: SURFING!

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